Order Cancelation

You can cancel your order before it is sent from our online store. To do this you must contact us in a timely manner.

If your order has already been shipped at the time of your contact then cancellation is not possible. Any change or cancellation of order will not be valid without the acceptance of PG-PLAISIO Company and in any case, the buyer will be responsible for damages caused by the cancellation of the order, subject to all other rights of PG-PLAISIO Company. 


In case of a manufacturing defect and within 10 days from the date of purchase, you can, by providing proof of purchase, this document and the product itself (including its packaging) be returned and request immediate replacement, with absolutely no charge. This product warranty binds the signatory company as well as any future successor for any reason.

The warranty does not apply in the event that any problem arises at your own risk, such as:

1. From mishandling, misplacement, shock, drop, exposure to extreme temperature or humidity levels, dropping liquids.

2. From any repair attempt in a laboratory or technician other than PG-PLAISIO.