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  • Paintings in classic style from Grand painters.

  • Paintings of timeless painters of all time, many of which are on display in museums around the world.

    Well-known painters and non who left their mark over the years.

  • Paintings with the main feature of space decoration.

  • Paintings featuring abstract style.

  • Paintings with nature and trees.

  • Paintings with nature and flowers.

  • Paintings depicting figures and human element.

  • Paintings depicting landscapes of land and sea.

  • Paintings with the main feature of the decoration of dining, cooking and kitchen areas.

  • Paintings with a characteristic ethnic element around the world.

  • Paintings with main feature the "old" element reminiscent of the good old days.

  • Paintings with main feature of modern art "Pop-Art".

  • Paintings with main feature the liquid element and its different characters.

  • Paintings depicting cities in their various versions and times depicted through the camera lens or painting brush.

  • Paintings that source of their creation is the photographic lens.

  • Paintings of maps of each era that reflect the passage of time.

  • Paintings which the main feature are the animals on land and sea that are hosted in nature.

  • Kid Paintings with the characteristic playful style of childhood.